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# Project Tracker Status Subject Assignee Target version
1386 CrystaX NDK Bug Open Find third-party code for device/test-shaderc-gnustl CrystaX NDK - 11.0.0 Actions
1020 CrystaX NDK Bug Open getauxval fails to open /proc/pid/auxv file Actions
1016 CrystaX NDK Bug Invalid 32 bit linux archive (*.bin file) is x86_64 executable Actions
949 CrystaX NDK Task Open Rebuild renderscript binaries from AOSP sources Actions
902 CrystaX NDK Bug Open gem install does not work when ruby built with platform/prebuilts/gcc/darwin-x86/host/x86_64-apple-darwin-4.9.1 compiler Actions
894 CrystaX NDK Bug Open Device test 'math' fails on x86_64 when built with clang CrystaX NDK - 11.0.0 Actions
889 CrystaX NDK Bug Open crystax-test-c++11 fails on x86_64 emulator if build with clang toolchain CrystaX NDK - 11.0.0 Actions
888 CrystaX NDK Bug Closed crystax-test-c99-complex core dumps on x86_64 emulator if built with clang toolchain CrystaX NDK - 11.0.0 Actions
862 CrystaX NDK Bug Invalid WARNING: Could not find ndk-perl-windows.tar.bz2 in ... CrystaX NDK - 10.3.0 Actions
861 CrystaX NDK Bug Closed WARNING: Could not find libgccunwind-libs Actions
834 CrystaX NDK Task Duplicated Run standalone test automatically Actions
758 CrystaX NDK Bug Duplicated tests/device/crazy_linker (test_load_library_callbacks) fails on x86 Actions
735 CrystaX NDK Bug Invalid clang34 fails to link standalone tests fro mips64 Actions
734 CrystaX NDK Bug Closed standalone test builtin-macros fails for clang33/arm64 Actions
733 CrystaX NDK Bug Closed standalone test init-fini-arrays/libcrystax-c-linked fail for clang33, arm64, x86_64 Actions
732 CrystaX NDK Bug Closed standalone test libcrystax-cxx-linked fails for clang33, api L, arm64 and x86_64 Actions
727 CrystaX NDK Bug Invalid some standalone tests fail Actions
611 CrystaX NDK Bug Duplicated issue65705-asm-pc fails to build Actions
583 CrystaX NDK Bug Closed Build of tests/device/crystax-issue350-copy-with-zone failed when clang 3.4 used CrystaX NDK - 10.0.0 Actions
434 CrystaX NDK Feature Closed Support for C++11: futures, package_task, async Actions
433 CrystaX NDK Task Closed Implement full version of strtod function Actions
321 CrystaX NDK Task Closed Create stub librystax library Actions
306 CrystaX NDK Bug Closed issue19851-sigsetjmp (issue19851-sigsetjmp) failed to run Actions
293 CrystaX NDK Bug Invalid MIPS emulator can not load itself from snapshot Actions
283 CrystaX NDK Bug Invalid Test build/flto failed Actions
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