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# Project Tracker Status Subject Assignee Target version
761 CrystaX NDK Bug Closed tests/device/crystax-test-pthread_mutex_timedlock failed on arm64 device CrystaX NDK - 10.0.0 Actions
760 CrystaX NDK Bug Closed tests/device/crystax-test-objc failed on arm64 device CrystaX NDK - 10.0.0 Actions
759 CrystaX NDK Bug Closed tests/device/clone (clone-static) fails on arm64 device CrystaX NDK - 10.0.0 Actions
723 CrystaX NDK Feature Closed Add clang-3.5 toolchain Actions
722 CrystaX NDK Feature Open Add libraw library Actions
706 CrystaX NDK Bug Closed clang3.4 doesn't support NEON for Aarch64 CrystaX NDK - 10.2.0 Actions
697 CrystaX NDK Bug Duplicated Build of tests/build/issue36131-flto-c++11 failed for clang3.4/3.5 Actions
696 CrystaX NDK Bug Open [tests] Build of tests/build/flto failed when built by clang CrystaX NDK - 11.0.0 Actions
673 CrystaX NDK Bug Closed "No monotonic clock" warning when building libc++ CrystaX NDK - 10.0.0 Actions
672 CrystaX NDK Bug Closed Test b16355858 (sample) failed on armeabi-v7a device CrystaX NDK - 10.0.0 Actions
671 CrystaX NDK Bug Invalid Build of test build/issue65705-asm-pc failed CrystaX NDK - 10.0.0 Actions
659 CrystaX NDK Bug Closed Build of test wchar_t-size failed CrystaX NDK - 10.0.0 Actions
620 CrystaX NDK Bug Invalid Tests stuck on uploading to mips emulator CrystaX NDK - 10.0.0 Actions
579 CrystaX NDK Bug Closed issue64679-prctl compilation fails on android-L complaining about syntax errors in GL headers CrystaX NDK - 10.0.0 Actions
541 CrystaX NDK Task Invalid Cleanup --also-64, --try-64, --only-64 etc CrystaX NDK - 10.0.0 Actions
360 CrystaX NDK Task Closed Inspect basic POSIX functions if they are implemented CrystaX NDK - 10.0.0 Actions
329 CrystaX NDK Task Closed Remove outdated gcc-4.4.3 toolchain CrystaX NDK - r8-crystax-2 Actions
308 CrystaX NDK Feature Invalid Use linux-darwin cross toolchain to build darwin distribution Actions
307 CrystaX NDK Feature Invalid Make linux-darwin cross toolchain Actions
287 CrystaX NDK Feature Invalid Check if std::to_string works in gcc-4.7 Actions
175 CrystaX NDK Bug Invalid mingw binutils build failed CrystaX NDK - r8-crystax-1 Actions
168 CrystaX NDK Task Invalid Add NDK_SUPPRESS_WARNINGS variable to ndk-build CrystaX NDK - r8-crystax-1 Actions
82 CrystaX NDK Task Open Implement plugin system for VFS in libcrystax Actions
81 CrystaX NDK Feature Open Add support for Fortran Actions
80 CrystaX NDK Feature Open Add support for GO Actions
76 CrystaX NDK Task Open Assets driver for CrystaX VFS driver Actions
75 CrystaX NDK Task Open Add metadata support to assets driver Actions
73 CrystaX NDK Feature Closed Make boost build Actions
72 CrystaX NDK Task Open Add hooking of socket functions in Java for Android 2.1-3.2 Actions
68 CrystaX NDK Feature Open Run gcc testsuites after build Actions
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