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Provide Maven repository with AAR packages of prebuilt libraries

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Maven is a de-facto standard for distributing dependencies of Android applications. AAR is a recent innovation by Android developers, a replacement for Jar format, meant to combine Java classes, Progurad configuration, native libraries and all kinds of resources into single package file. A lot of Android projects already ship their binary (Java) packages in AAR format. This feature request is about building such packages with native binaries and making them available in Maven repository somewhere like Sourceforge and/or JCenter.

Doing so would have a huge advantage over simply putting library files somewhere on net or providing them via homebrew package management solutions, because it would not require people to download Crystax SDK or have particular package manager: AAR packages with native binaries are already supported by Android Gradle plugin. Making one-click installation of popular libraries possible would significantly increase visibility of your work and raise your chances of world domination.

Needless to say, there are already prior examples of such attempts:
1) Shabby attempts to distribute native binaries in Jar packages via Maven:
- thousands of them
Most failed/stalled, largely because of lack of push, as well as absence of established convention and huge divergence between distributions (but we already have AAR format and you are building for Android, which have tools to deal with fragmentation).
2) People straight-up making giant Git repositories of Android libraries a-la poor man's Cocoa Pods. You probably know about most famous one already: This approach still works, but building that stuff is enormous pain. Besides there s hardly anyone, but Pelya and you, famous enough to be trusted for distributing binary packages, and he, probably, would not mind to get rid of that duty.

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We're definitely aim to support AAR. In fact, we're in the middle of way to support repository of native packages, and AAR is something what we definitely will support.

Thank you for bunch of links, some of them were not known to me, so it definitely worth to see.


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